Thursday, 23 June 2022

 Must a greeting card be flat and fit in an envelope?

Absolutely not!

I love designing new dimensional cards.  And because I love dimensional cards, they don't always fit in an envelope.

With Cricut Design Space, its is so easy to design a box which is perfectly sized to fit my cards.  I also make the box a bit deeper that what the card requires, to allow me to add a little gift inside. And of course, if you want to add a but of hard cash, the bulk does not have to go into the card.  Just simply place it under the card, and when the receiver lifts the card out, the moola is revealed!

Let me know what you think?  Do you want to make a box for your next greeting card?

I am in the process of cleaning out all my templates - you know how it goes, you play around and then find what works, and then so exited to start making more, that you have to many hidden items in your project, and never go back to clean it up.  Once I have my template all nice and clean, I will share some of my favourate designs.

Keep an eye out on the blog for those links!  In the mean time, enjoy the video.

Thursday, 31 March 2022

 How to create a watercolor effect with Cricut Infusible Ink Pens

Did you know that you can create a soft watercolor effect using Cricut Infusible Ink Pens?
Here is how:
  1. Choose a design on design space that is a drawing.
  2. Draw the design on copy paper using a black Infusible Ink Pen
  3. Using a very fine paint brush, brush a very light coting on a section of the image that you want to color, like for instance one petal of a flower.  Do not completely drench the paper, as it is copy paper and will tear very easily.
  4. Now color the section that you want darkest, with your darker shade of pen, like the center part of the flower.  
  5. Using your wet paint brush, lightly drag the color away from the center.  It will get lighter.
  6. Now use your lighter shade to color the outer side of your petal, and again, using your damp paint brush, drag the color around to blend.
  7. Once all petals are done, let your design dry completely.  It should not have any moisture at the time of infusion.
  8. Once your design is dry, press it to your substrate according to directions for the Cricut Infusible Pens and your press that you use.

 Cricut Infusible Ink Sheets and Pens - my new obsession

I first infused the background with my mini press, using:
*Cricut Infusible Ink Sheet - Mermaid (Cricut 2006768, 305x305 mm, 305 mm, 305 mm, 4 sheets) and

*Cricut Infusible Ink Sheet - Pink Lemonade (2008887 Cricut Infusible Ink, Heat transfer vinyl sheet, Smooth heat transfer vinyl, Pink, Yellow, Pattern, 114 mm, 30.5 cm)

I then infused the sentiment using the Black Infusible Ink Pen to draw on normal copy paper and then pressing with my mini press.

 Did SomeBunny say its almost Easter?

With such a passion for making and trying new things, you are bound to end up with lots of trails and errors until you master the art.  I love combining all my crafts.  Making unique gifts is something I strive to achieve every time.
I just love how these Easter eggs turned out.  Can be used as a key ring, a special tag on your Easter gift basket, or why not include it in the Easter hunt?
Using Cricut Infusible Ink Pens is one of my new obsessions!


Juicy Summers

Double Page Interactive Shaker Layout

Created by Bernadette Siena

South Africa

Summer time is pomegranate time!  Growing up, we had 2 pomegranate trees and I remember so well how we watched them growing, eagerly waiting for them to be ready to pick.  Hours were spent breaking them open and picking out the fruity pips.  I know there are photos of us kids eating them, and my whole family has been tasked to find those photos, so that I can add them to this page.  That is where my inspiration for this layout comes from - precious childhood memories.

YouTube Video:

For This Project You Will Need:

·        Base pages: FabScraps C138 Pattern Paper (PP) 007, 008;

·        Fussy cut sheets: FabScraps C138 Pattern Paper (PP) 009, 010;

·        Shaker: FabScraps C138 Pattern Paper (PP) 004, 010B, 011B;

·        Sentiment “Summer Love” and border: FabScraps C138 Pattern Paper (PP) 012

·        Photo background: FabScraps C138 Pattern Paper (PP) 001B

·        Photo Matt: FabScraps C138 Pattern Paper (PP) 003B

·        FabScraps Chipboard from Fab Box: “Summer Vibes”

·        Cardstock for matting: AC colours that match perfectly: Cherry, Shrimp, Grapefruit and Peach;

·        Basic tools – Trimmer, fussy cut scissors, palate knife, poking tool or small hole punch, Score tool;

·        Adhesive: FabScraps Glue or any good quality glue that you have, Double sided foam tape;

·        Distress Ink – Artistry Ink Cranberry Crush and Ranger Dried Marigold;

·        White Gesso or Dew Drop ink pad;

·        Distress Glitter: Spiced Marmelate and Spun Sugar;

·        1 Brad;

·        Sequence in matching colours;

·        Flowers in matching colours;

·        Natural sisal (optional);

·        Laminator and sleeves, or acetate/transparencies;

·        Photos:

o   2 photos – 6 x 4 inches;

o   1, 2 or 4 to be added behind the shaker element.


1.      Fussy cut and ink the curved flower arrangements and other desired elements on the Fussy Cut PP 009 and 010.

2.      Fussy cut and ink Sentiment and border from PP012 – only fussy cut one side of the border, and leave the other side as a straight cut.

3.      Cut and ink photo mats for the 6 x 4 photos, starting first layer with PP003B, then a darker shade of cardstock, and lastly the lighter shade of cardstock. Layer using foam tape.

4.      Cut and ink the photo background from 001B, to size 8 x 11.75, and then mat with a light shade of cardstock.

5.      Adhere the border piece to the to top of photo background with foam tape.

6.      Cut 1 ¼ inch of the left side of the photo background, to overlap the left page.

7.      Adhere the 2 pieces to the base pages 007, 008 as per the photo.

8.      Adhere the photo matts to the photo background on the righthand page.

9.      Colour chipboard with white ink, allow to dry, then create an ombre effect with the Artistry Ink Cranberry Crush and Ranger Dried Marigold, using a sponge dauber. Adhere to the bottom of the right hand page.

10.   To make the shaker element

a.      Use one of the 2 following methods to cut your elements from 004(Top cut 2), 010B(Middle), 011B(bottom):

                                                     i.     The Cricut Cut file (; or

                                                   ii.     If you do not have a Cricut electronic cutting machine, use the templates provided, print, fussy cut, then trace onto your pages.

b.      Once you have your elements cut, laminate the top pieces that have the openings like the fruit, or adhere acetate or transparencies with double sided tape.  I like to laminate, as it provides more support for interactive elements, and less static than acetate.

c.       Cut your lamination or acetate so that only the pattern paper layers are covered.

d.      Align both pieces, and punch a hole in the top centre in both layers at the same time, to ensure it is aligned once you have your shaker completed.

e.      Cut your double-sided foam tape into very thin strips, and add 2 layers around the edge and middle of the one layer – ensuring the hole that was punched in the previous step, is not covered and that the double-sided foam tape goes around the bottom of the hole, so that your shaker elements don’t fall out. Do not remove the non-stick paper from the top layer yet.  Tip: I use double sided foam sheets – its easier to cut into the desired width with my guillotine, as both sides have non-stick paper on.

f.       Fill the cavities with glitter, sequence and beads – any small elements that will “shake”.

g.      Remove the non-stick paper and align and attach the top layer of the shaker, making sure it is secure and your shaker elements won’t fall out.

h.      Glue the bottom and middle layer of the pomegranate down onto the left base page.

i.        Align the shaker, mark the position of the punched holes are, and pierce the base page at the the mark.

j.        Adhere the shaker to the base page using a brad.

11.   Finish off with layering sisal, fussy cuts, flower embellishment and glitter.

12.   To place right shaker page in an album, remove the brad, insert the base page into the page sleeve, mark the hole and pierce the front layer of the sleeve.  Re-attach the shaker element on top of the sleeve but inserting the brad thought he shaker, then the sleeve and then the base page.


Thursday, 24 February 2022


FabsScraps C126 Circle of Life

Brand Ambassador project; End of the Journey

Created by Bernadette Siena

South Africa

After 12 years of school, your matric dance signals the end of this journey, but the start of an exiting new journey.  This layout is perfect for those beautiful matric dance or wedding photos, taken in a beautiful pictures park or for nature loving photographers alike   

For This Project You Will Need:

  • ·        FabScraps Circle of Life Pattern Paper (PP) 002, 005. 006, 007, 009, 010, 011, 012;
  • ·        FabScraps Cardstock CC 018 Sky x 2;
  • ·        FabScraps Metal Charms;
  • ·        FabScraps Flat Back Pearls and Diamante;
  • ·        Craft Cardstock x 3;
  • ·        Basic tools – Trimmer, fussy cut scissors, scoreboard and bone folder, craft knife and ruler;
  • ·        Embellishments: flowers (I made mine from the Fabscraps cardstock and punched from the off-cuts from the fussy cutting sheets);
  • ·        Adhesive: FabScraps Glue, foam tape/squares, double sided tape, Hot Glue gun (optional); and
  • ·        Ranger Forrest Moss Distress Ink.
  • ·        Photos:

o   1 x A4

o   2 x A6

o   Several, as desired, that can go into the pocket on page 1 under the flaps.


1.      Fussy cut the elements on the Fussy Cut PP 009 and 010.

2.      Cut the Sentiments you would like to add to your pages, from PP 011 and 012.  You will need 1 for the fish tail banner and one for the photo pocket.

3.      Page 1 Flap: Using C126 005:

a.      Fussy cut the centre of the wreath.  Glue down on 12x12 craft cardstock and fussy cut again.  This is to strengthen the page as it will be handled a lot when opening.  And to fussy cut through one layer is easier, so I find it easier to cut, stick and cut again, but you can glue the full page onto craft and fussy cut once if you find that easier.

b.      Cut ½ inch off the top of the page so that the page measures 11 ½ inches.

c.       Score the left edge at ½ inch and fold back, burnishing with a bonefolder.

d.      Ink edges with Forrest Moss Distress Ink.

4.      Page 1 Backing: Using C126 007 B side:

a.      Cut down to measure 12 x 12 inches.

b.      On the left side, cut a slit down, measuring 11 ½ inches, ¼ inch from the side and ¼ inch from the top.

c.       Slide Page 1 Flap ½ inch scored lip through the slit and glue down at the back.

5.      Page 1 Photo Flap:

a.      Cut A4 photo down to 8 x 11 inches.

b.      Cut craft cardstock to 8 ½ x 12 inches.

c.       On the 12-inch side, score ½ inch from the side (down the 8-inch side) so that it makes a top folding flap.

d.      Cut a photo mat from FabScraps Cardstock CC 018 Sky measuring 8 ¼ x 11 ¼.

e.      On the top edge of the Page 1 Backing, cut another slit ¼ inch from the top, measuring 8 ½ inches long. 

f.       Slide the craft flap lip into the slit and glue to the back of the page.

g.      Mat the photo and glue down onto the flap.

h.      Glue the Page 1 Backing onto another 12 x 12 craft cardstock.  This will ensure the page is re-enforced for the movement of the flaps.

6.      Photo pocket on Page 1, under all the flaps:

a.      From page C126 002, cut a matt measuring 8 x 6 inches.

b.      From FabScraps Cardstock CC 018 Sky, cut a matt measuring 8 ¼ x 6 ¼ inches.

c.       Cut craft cardstock to 9 ¼ x 8 ¾.

d.      With the 8 ¾ side along the top of the scoreboard, score ½ inch from the left.

e.      With the 9 ¼ side along the top of the scoreboard, score ½ inch from left and from right.

f.       Mitre the corners where the core markings cross.

g.      Fold back and burnish the scores.

h.      Matt the papers cut in steps a and b, and add a sentiment panel of your choice.  I cut mine a bit smaller than the original size, about a ¼ inch from the top and bottom, and only glued 3 sides, forming another pocket, this way I can add more photos on sentiments.

i.        Glue the pocket down onto page 1, under all the flaps.  You can fill this pocket with more sentiment panels as photo matts and photo matts cut from CC 018 cardstock.

7.      Page 2:

a.      Cut another photo matt from C126 002 paper, measuring 8 6 inches. Ink the edges.

b.      Cut 2 photo matts from FabScraps Cardstock CC 018 Sky, measuring 7 7/8 x 3 7/8 inches. Ink the edges.

c.       Cut photos to 3 ¾ x 5 ¾ and matt with CC 0018 matt. Ink the edges.

d.      Glue both down onto the C126 002 paper cut in step a, leaving boarders between and around the 2 photos.

e.      Glue down onto the centre of the page.

8.      Decorate the pages with fussy cuts, flowers, pearls, metal charms and diamante, as in the photo, or as desired.


 The Supervisor


Wednesday, 23 February 2022

 FabScraps C124 Reawakening

Theatre Fold Scrapbook Layout

Requirement List

  • 1)      2 x (12”x12”) thick cardboard (mounting board -about 2mm thick)
  • 2)      4 x Matching Cardstock
  • 3)      2 x Pattern Paper (I used Fabscraps – you can choose any paper – 1 sheet will be for the front that will be cut in half for the opening of the “stage”, and 1 sheet for the background)
  • 4)      2 x strips of acetate or transparency of you want to make some “floating” elements - optional
  • 5)      Photos: 3 x landscape
  • 6)      Embellishments: fussy cuts or ephemera, flowers etc.  
  • 7)      Adhesive: Very strong glue – I prefer Art Glitter Glue or Magic Glue – something that dries clear – not tacky else if you mess a bit, your mechanism gets stuck together.
  • 8)      Tools: (all measurements will be in inches) Metal Ruler, Craft Knife, Trimmer, Scoring Board & Bone Folder, Scissors, Pencil, Circle Punch (1 – 2 inch) or you can use some small round opject to make markings and cut by hand if you don’t have a circle punch.



1)     Front Frame: